Cynthia Bailey opened up to Us Weekly exclusively about how she was there for former friend NeNe Leakes

Helping her friend. Cynthia Bailey opened up to DailyGossip exclusively about how she cared for her former pal also Real Housewives of Atlanta costar NeNe Leakes following the passing of her husband Gregg Leakes.

“We’re clearly no longer friends. But, like everyone else I have immense admiration and love for Gregg and the bond they shared as a couple,” Bailey, 54 stated on the Monday, October 26 Episode of DailyGossip’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “I recruited Ms. Marlo [Hampton], and I was like, ‘You have to come with me to meet her because I’m scared to go by myself, I haven’t seen this woman in two years.’ I did not want to turn up to the Linnethia Lounge to have the door slammed in my face.”

On the 6th of September, NeNe, 53, held a celebration of life for her husband who passed away, who passed away earlier in the month at 66 after battling Stage III cancer of the colon held at Linnethia Lounge in Atlanta.

“NeNe was extremely surprised. It was uncomfortable initially. I’m sure she was surprised to meet myself, but then after around thirty seconds or something, she was good and I was able to stay until the bar was closed,” Bailey told Us in announcing her collaboration with Seagram’s Escapes Costume Boo-lini for the Halloween season. “And it was that two years had not passed. It was like the old days.”

Don’t anticipate an immediate reconciliation as this For Love or Money star who declared her resignation from RHOA on October 5 said that at this time in her life, she’s no longer “forcing friendships.”

“It is either be organic, natural and most important, it needs to be safe for me. Therefore, I’m happy the fact that we’re in a friendly, respectful location. I love her from the distance,” the former model stated. “I’m always gonna love her and it just is what it is for me.”

She said, “I’m sure Gregg was smiling knowing that we were in a position to relax and laugh , because he was extremely friendly to our friendship and was a wonderful gentleman. So, I’m fine. I’m not averse to anything however, I’m not after anything or anyone.”

To learn more about the reasons Cynthia Bailey formed a close relationship and Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, listen to DailyGossip’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast.

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Via US Magazine

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