Cyber Monday Orders Of iPhone 5 To Be Shipped In One Week

Apple has finally managed to catch up with the large numbers of orders that they registered since the launching of their new device, iPhone 5. According to the Associated Press, the iPad maker will ship all the orders that were made on Cyber Monday in just one week.

Cyber Monday has brought numerous iPhone 5 orders for Apple so customers were afraid the company will not be able to deliver all the requested products in due time. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Cupertino, California enterprise declared on Monday that ship times have been reduced to one week. Thus, clients who have ordered the latest iPhone 5 on Cyber Monday will receive it by the beginning of the following week.

When iPhone 5 was launched in September, a new record sale was registered as 5 million units were pre-ordered in just one hour. However, new concerns began to surface as soon as the frenzy was over. Apple announced that the shipment of the products could take up to four weeks and analysts were afraid the company will not make it in time to speed up production for the holiday shopping season. 

Skepticism grew even bigger as Apple was confronted with various problems related to its Chinese manufacturing company, Foxconn. A research revealed that the Chinese company hired underage interns and the news had indirect consequences on Apple’s reputation. Foxconn further declared that they may not be able to observe the production deadline as iPhone 5 devices are very difficult to create. Given these circumstances, very few people thought they were going to receive Apple’s new smartphone in November.

Thanks to Tim Cook’s influence on the Asian supply chain, the company managed to catch up with orders. The difference between supply and demand started to even out as the IT giant announced that ship times have been reduced from 4 weeks to 2 – 3 weeks and now to just one week.   

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