Customers fight over new Nike Air Jordans

Nike released its latest version of the famous Air Jordan basketball shoes on Friday. The new product caused a lot of frenzy in shops all over the U.S.A. because customers got into fights to catch the new Air Jordans, the Associated Press announces. Police had to interfere to separate the masses of angry shoppers who were racing for a pair of the new Air Jordan XI Concord shoes.

The shoes are identical to the ones released in 1995 which were also retroed in 2000. Nike announced that Concord 11 will be retroed at the end of 2011, so customers were anxious to get their hands on the new pair. This pair of sneakers is the most popular of all time because it has a unique model. The shoes come in two colors: black and white and they have Concord herringbone pads on the outsoles. The name of the shoe is a combination that recalls the Concord herringbone pads and the first player who wore the shoes in the 1995 NBA Playoffs: Michael Jordan.

Starting with 2:02 a.m. on Friday police officers were dispatched to various locations to control the crowds. The most problematic areas were Montgomery Mall, Lake Forest Mall and Wheaton Mall. Dozens of units were sent to put an end to customers fight in these locations according to the declarations of the police officers. The first units were sent to Montgomery Mall at 2:02 a.m, the second units to Lake Forest Mall at 3:15 a.m. and to Wheaton Mall at 3:45 a.m. The worst place was Potomac Mills Mall because customers there were very aggressive and 20 police cars had to come to the scene.

Similar scenes took place in other states, as well. In New York, at least two people were taken into police custody because they fought over a pair of shoes in Staten Island. In Seattle, police were called at the Westfield Southcenter Mall to control disputes that broke out over line-cutting or pushing.

One customers explained reporters why the shoes are so popular now. A pair of Air Jordan XI Concord sneakers usually sells with $400 on the Internet and stores retail them for $180.

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