Customer Satisfaction is low on Facebook

You may imagine that people are really happy with the services they obtain when using Facebook. Well, it seems that things are far away from that. Some people are actually very unhappy with the famous social network. 

So, an annual survey released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index on Tuesday indicated that Facebook and LinkedIn actually are ranked the lowest of the seven companies surveyed. Twitter did not score much better either, so it seems that people are not happy with the services they obtain after using these social networking sites. 

“Even with improvements across the board, e-business — and social media in particular — doesn’t do well in terms of user satisfaction,” the chairman of the American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed.  “It’s rare to see strong growth in an industry with such low customer satisfaction. However, several of the major players seem to have realized that their long-term prospects may be in jeopardy unless they do better,” Claes Fornll also added. 

Even though people are not generally happy with the services associated to these sites, they are still extremely used. And there is one good news. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are in fact making customer happier than they did a year ago. The report reveals that they are actually making customers 4.4% happier than in 2013. 

Popularity and satisfaction have grown for Facebook, but the results were actually obtained before it has been revealed that the famous social network manipulated the news feeds of users, all part of a psychological experiment they performed last month. So, maybe now things are not looking good at all for Facebook when it comes to satisfaction, as numerous debates have surrounded this subject. 

Well, the report released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index indicated that Pinterest is one of the most appreciated social media sources at the moment. So, customer satisfaction on Pinterest was up 6 percent in the past year. 

The rankings revealed now are actually based on a survey on customer satisfaction on social media sites that was performed in May. The study is based on a survey of more than 6,200 Internet users. Overall, social media sites received higher marks when it comes to satisfaction, at least compared to last year. 

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