Custom handmade iPad wins girlfriend’s heart

With only 125 dollars, art student Wei Jin-Long managed to offer his girlfriend a custom handmade tablet and won her heart forever. Not only does she have a device very similar to the iPad, but hers is one-of-a-kind. The Changchun Northeast Normal University student talked to The china Daily News and revealed how he built, designed and decorated the device.

Wei Jin-Long is a student at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. He studies art in the Art & Design Department. And being a student is not always easy. Actually it is never easy, especially when it comes to money. He had in mind this idea of buying an iPad for his girlfriend. But the cheapest iPads are priced at about 500 dollars. As he couldn’t afford to buy one, he decided to make one.

Jin-Long bought a refurbished laptop.  Then he bought a touch screen and a battery. After studying Internet video programs and researched on how to build tablet computers, he got to work. When the construction process was over, he moved to the design part. He polished and hand-carved it so it would look as new and as cool as an iPad. He even applied an Apple logo to it. He added some custom details to make it look more original.The building process lasted 10 days.” After receiving her gift, Jin-Long’s girlfriend Sun Shasha said, “this is the best gift I’ve ever had, and I will keep it forever”, wrote the China Daily News.

The biggest difference between the Wei Jin-Long tablet and the Apple tablet is that his ir running Windows 7, while the iPad runs MAC. 

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