Curry Fights Tears As She Says Goodbye To “Today”

Ann Curry made her last appearance on the set of the “Today” show on Thursday. She was visibly fighting tears as she talked about her departure and said goodbye to her fans, according to the Associated Press.

Even though Ann Curry’s departure has been announced from quite some time, the co-anchor’s last speech was incredibly saddening. She continued to host the morning show even after rumor got out that NBC was going to replace her. Negotiations were finally concluded on Thursday, so Curry had to take care of the difficult task of announcing the decision of the network.

The statement was rather brief as Ann Curry could hardly refrain from crying. She declared that she never thought she would leave the NBC’s coach in this manner. She further apologized for not being able “to carry the ball over the finish line,” but she reassured everyone that she did her best to draw audience. Her place will most likely be taken by Savannah Guthrie as she is the most suited for this position.

After seeing this emotional testimony, Shelley Ross, former producer for ABC’s “Good Morning America” took to the media to explain that it was not Ann Curry who failed to increase the audience of the show. “’It is not an Ann Curry failure,” she added after pointing out to the fact that NBC’s hopes to regain audience with Savannah Guthrie’s help are unrealistic.

Ross thinks there is another reason why the NBC show lost its popularity. According to her, the current situation of the “Today” show is a consequence of the fact that producers thought their morning program was Number 1. Their arrogance has prevented them from making any changes that could have helped them preserve their top position.

Bill Wheatley, a former NBC News executive, has another opinion. He claims that Ann Curry was chosen to be “sacrificed” because she was the newest person to join the show. Matt Lauer has an enviable reputation at present, so there was no chance for him to be replaced. In addition, he told the press that Curry was probably too empathetic to be a news journalist; her sentimentalism was often confused with lack of professionalism.

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  1. I have always loved/watched the Today show but now don’t want to since AC is off the show. her empathy was remarkable and that IS what made her the consumate professional journalist, too bad NBC execs couldn’t see that!! It is about MORE than young, pretty, women……..too bad so sad.

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