Cuba Gooding Jr. Assaults Woman; Police Are Looking For Him

Us Weekly reports that Cuba Gooding Jr. assaulted a woman in a New Orleans bar and now the police are looking for him. The incident took place on Wednesday morning, around 2 a.m., when the actor refused to leave the bar.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is in New Orleans with Oprah Winfrey to shoot his next movie “The Butler”. As he was relaxing at The Old Absinthe House on the famed Bourbon Street, the bar patrons took a picture of him. The actor grew very angry and started cursing the bar patrons. A female bartender approached him and kindly asked him to leave the bar. Cuba Gooding Jr., who was clearly under the influence of alcohol, lost his temper and shoved the woman against the wall.

The rest of the coworkers witnessed the entire scene and hurried to call the police when they realized that things were getting worse. The female bartender told the actor that police was coming, so the “Jerry McGuire” star pushed her one more time against the wall and then left the bar. Police officers arrived too late to arrest him, but they received orders to retain Gooding Jr. on sight.

This is not the first incident that Cuba has with the women he meets in bars. Although he is married with three kids, the actor was frequently accused of sexual harassment by the women he met in various clubs. In March, three women in Albuquerque, New Mexico declared that the actor had a strange behavior in their presence. A woman named Sara witnessed everything, so she was able to tell reporters that Cuba Gooding Jr. grabbed one of the female fans’ butt cheeks as she was taking pictures with him. The woman felt offended by his gesture, but Cuba touched her breast, instead of cooling off.

Another woman declared later on, that Gooding grabbed her face and kissed her on the cheek. According to her, the actor also asked where she was staying so he could reply that she will be sleeping with him that night. Neither the policemen, nor the reporters were able to contact the actor.

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