Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer Separate

After no less than 20 years of marriage, Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife Sara Kapfer have decided to put an end to their marriage. The couple just announced their separation. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife Sara are just the latest celebrity couple to end their romance. Naturally, the news came as a shock, as the actor and his beautiful wife always seemed to be a very happy couple.

Sara Kapfer was the one who filled the divorce papers. In the court filling she claimed that the reason for the separation are irreconcilable differences. Naturally, this is just a standard reason cited in the legal paper.

The papers were filled by Sara at the L.A. County Superior Court, yesterday, as TMZ recently reported. While the reason of the separation is said to be irreconcilable differences, it remains widely unknown the real reason which caused this breakup.

The former couple shares three children, two of them being minor. However, it seems that the couple remains in good terms, as Sara asked joint physical and legal custody of the three children.

The couple has made no arrangements when it comes to child support, but it seems that they will reach an agreement on this particular aspect on a later date, as the court documents seem to indicate. Apparently, it will not be difficult for the former couple to reach a deal regarding this particular aspect. 

The love story between Sara and her husband has always been considered as extremely romantic. The two actually met while still being in high school. 1994 was the year when the actor and his wife decided to tight the knot. Last year the couple celebrated the 20th anniversary of their marriage and they seemed to be as happy as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sara Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr. couldn’t do anything else to save the relationship and they will go on with the legal procedures to put an end to their 20 years marriage. Maybe in the upcoming period more details on the reasons which have led to this separation will be revealed.

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