‘CSI’ Star Gary Dourdan Is Bankrupt

Lots of celebrities have complained about financial problems in the past year, but “CSI” star Gary Dourdan claims he is completely bankrupt. After his departure from the crime television series in 2008, the actor failed to receive any notable acting role and his current revenue does not cover his expenses, TMZ reports.

Gary Dourdan, the famous “CSI: Las Vegas” detective, was forced to admit that he is having financial problems on August 30th. The papers he filed last summer prove that the actor owns $1.8 million in assets. However, the amount of debts is much bigger than his revenue, that is, Dourdan has to give his creditors $1.73 million.

Gary won’t be able to enjoy the money he currently possesses for a long period of time as the CSI star is expected to give great part of the sum to various banks. $1,689,704 million will be directed towards various banks including Union Bank which is responsible for Gary’s mortgage on the house. Once all the debts will be paid, the actor will only benefit of a disposable income equal to $321 a month, which is not enough to cover for his expenses.

As for the assets he possesses, their rather small value makes it hard for the actor to survive in the expensive world of Hollywood. Dourdan has $3k in a bank account, $4k in furniture and $1,500 in clothes. In addition, the actor estimates that his books are worth $200, whereas his watches have cost around $500. The only item that is more valuable is the 2006 Dodge Charger whose value was estimated at around $7,000.

The former crime detective explained that the cost of his monthly expenses arises to $14,562. His recent career downfall has prevented him from pulling in more than $14,883 on average, but the actor is still strong enough to find the silver lining in his clouds. He expects major acting roles to come his way in the following period, so his financial situation could improve.

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