Crisis Malware Infects Windows, Mac Os X and VMWare

A new type of malware prompts the beginning of a crisis in the virtual world. Crisis or Morcut as the researchers called it is the new worst thing that can happen to your favorite IT gadget. Crisis malware is able to infect Windows, Mac Os X and VMWare devices.

The Crisis malware is a java based malicious virus that can track, read and record your activity whether you are a Windows, a Mac Os X or a VMWare user. It can record Skype conversations and track your internet activity if you are using Firefox or Safari.

This new computer virus has been discovered recently by the Kaspersky Antivirus scientists and they found an explanation on how this malware works. They said that it is spread through “social engineering attacks”, meaning that it tricks users on running fake Adobe installation packs via java and runs the fierce Trojan subtle as a JAR. file. Then it will launch itself as an exe. doc and compromise your computer.

At the beginning, it was thought that Crisis is a virus that attacks Mac Os X and Windows. But Symantec found some more ways in which this virus operates and can spread also on VMWare equipment.

“The threat searches for a VMware virtual machine image on the compromised computer and, if it finds an image, it mounts the image and then copies itself onto the image by using a VMware Player tool” said Symantec blogger and IT guru Katsuki on the official Symantec blog. “This may be the first malware that attempts to spread onto a virtual machine” he added.

According to security experts the Crisis computer virus is the first one that can attack virtual machines and not by using security loopholes but by exploiting the system itself. The lucky ones in this game of hide and seek are Android and iOS users which have a different system not so easy to exploit. On the other side, Windows mobile users, take great caution in your internet surfing and app installing activities.

A conspiracy theory runs now among the computer users which say that Crisis may have connections to government security. May this be the beginning of a subtle ACTA movement?

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