Creed Singer Scott Stapp Talks About Suicide Attempt

T.I. is a lot of things and hero is one of them. In his memoir and interview for VH1, Creed singer Scott Stapp talks about his suicide attempt back in 2004 and how T.I. saved his life.

Saving Scott Stapp’s life isn’t the only heroic thing rapper T.I. has done. In 2010, T.I. managed to convince a man not to jump off a 22-story building. In his memoir, Creed singer Scott Stapp talks about how he met T.I. and how the rapper saved his life after a suicide attempt. The singer goes as far as to say T.I. is his guardian angel.

In an interview with VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live” Scott Stapp discussed his memoir release, called “Sinner’s Creed”. The highlight of the talk was Scott Stapp referring to T.I. as his guardian angel as he recalled a difficult moment in his life, when he tried to commit suicide.

In 2004, Creed singer Scott Stapp checked into the Delano Hotel penthouse in Miami. Following days of drink binging and not sleeping, Scott Stapp began having hallucinations and hearing phantom-like voices. Eventually he became convinced he was in an asylum not in a hotel and jumped over the penthouse balcony.

Scott Stapp fell 40 feet and crashed into the asphalt suffering several fractures to his skull, hip and nose. As he was lying on the ground, unable to move, Scott Stapp was surprised to see T.I. taking care of him. The two musicians had only met one time before, when they wrote songs for “The Passion of The Christ: Songs Inspired By”.

“I laid out there for two and a half hours and my guardian angel showed up – rapper T.I.” Scott Stapp told VH1. “He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life” the singer revealed. “It’s ironic – he walked in, and I found out later it was the only room left in the hotel and he came out in off the street and came out” said Scott Stapp.

T.I. found Scott Stapp “laying on the hedge, blood fell to” his feet. “…he looked up and he had an Alabama hat on. I said ‘roll tide’, and then he looked at me and put two and two together and really saved my life” the Creed singer confessed.

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