Create Your Own Metallic Cap Toe Pumps

Metallic cap toe pumps represent the latest trend for shoes as many more brands have introduced them in their collections. The models introduced by Louis Vuitton have been the most appreciated, but they are usually too expensive for women to afford them. The best solution: create your own metallic cap toe pumps with the minimum effort.

Fashion trends change from one day to another making it almost impossible for women to keep up with them. Beige shoes used to be very trendy last year, but, according to the new shoe designs presented during the Spring Fashion Week, they have been replaced with metallic cap toe pumps in 2012. This means, you need to throw your old shoes away and get a new pair of creamy shoes, but this time, with a metallic cap. Or is it?

DIY designers have come up with a solution for women who prefer to transform their old shoes in new ones instead of throwing them away. For this, you will need painter’s tape, silver spray paint and finishing gloss spray. And of course, the pointy toe shoes. 

Start by measuring the size of the so-called metallic cap and make sure the lines you have drawn are symmetrical on both shoes. Wrap the painter’s tape all around the shoes, so you don’t stain other parts besides the tip. Once you have finished applying the painter’s tape, you may begin to spray the silver paint over the parts that interest you. Read the instructions on the bottle and carefully observe them so the paint is uniformly applied. After the coat of paint has dried, you may apply finishing gloss spray for a more metallic look. You may now remove the painter’s tape and enjoy your DIY pair of metallic cap toe pumps.

You don’t have to use just silver spray; you can also mix other colors to create your own style. Color blocking is very popular, too, so you can feel free to paint your shoes in the shades you like the most. Glossy black shoes with neon tips would make a perfect combination, especially now that these colors are highly sought-after. 

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