Cowon Plenue, a high-end music player

Probably, the MP3 player market is dead, but in the last period of time, it seems that a few companies have launched a couple of devices on the market. Approximately fourteen years ago, the MP3 player market shined brightly for a time and the dedicated portable music player was a gadget that everyone had in their pockets or bags. Even the great iPod Classic was beaten by the smartphone era. However, it seems that it still is a hunger out there for dedicated music players among people who want to upgrade to a better sound.

Companies like Pono, Astell, Kern or Sony are trying to come up with some high-quality music players for audiophiles. Even if it’s not well-known compared with other brands, Cowon from Korea has been on the market since the beginning. To be noted that this company has unveiled their first digital player in 2000. The Cowon Plenue 1 is known as being the company’s flagship device. This device offers an excellent sound, a premium build and compatibility with approximately any file that users want to play. 

However, Cowon Plenue has the ability of driving all, even the most obscure headphones, on a high quality sound. This music player is one of the best players on the market, but the lack of wireless connectivity, inability to load third-party apps and a poor battery life makes the difference between other devices, like Sony ZX2. However, for customers who are looking for a player that does one thing, like play music excellently, this device is a good choice.

Cowon Plenue comes with a solid aluminum body, which gives the feeling of a premium device and is available for the price of 1,000 dollars. It feels perfect in the hand and features beveled edges, a good weight and it is similar to a phone. It features a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen and a 480×800 resolution. Approximately all the functions can be controlled via the screen, but it also home a few hard buttons on the side, including play/pause, volume and skip forward/back.

For many people, spending 1,000 dollars means a lot, but the device offers a lot of features and an a good opportunity to enjoy an excellent sound.

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