Courtney Love accused in Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note

Reports indicate that Kurt Cobain accused Courtney Love in his suicide note. The accusation that he brought to the star talked about wasting all his money. 

The death of the frontman of famous band Nirvana was an extremely shocking moment. Now, it has been revealed that a note found in Kurt’s wallet talked about his former wife, Courtney Love. The note that has been revealed at this point, was disclosed now for the first time. So, even though the note was found by the cops many years ago, it was never made public. Apparently, CBS obtained it for the first time. 

Kurt Cobain did not had the best words to describe his then-wife Courtney Love. The letter is said to be undated, but it is thought to have been written by the frontman of Nirvana. In the letter the famous singer claimed that Courtney Love is guilty of “siphoning” all his money. He claimed about then-wife that she is a “b**ch with zits.” 

The note was found by the Seattle police, being part of the evidence found after the death of the famous singer. “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawfully shredded wife,” the letter says. “Even when she’s a b**ch with zits and siphoning all yr[sic] money for doping and whoring,” it also adds. 

Until now it remains unknown when Kurt wrote this letter and in which context. Most likely, it will be almost impossible to ever discover these facts, as the letter is undated. However, what Kurt Cobain said in this letter about his wife is extremely different to what the suicide letter of the star indicated. In that letter, Kurt Cobain described Courtney Love as “goddess of a wife.” The couple had a daughter together, who was only one year old at the time of Cobain’s death. 

Kurt Cobain was found dead with a shotgun wound in the head. The body of the star was found in his home, back in 1994. The singer died at the age of only 27. By the time of his death, Kurt was married to Courtney Love. After the tragic event, an investigation was conducted by the cops, who reached the conclusion that Kurt Cobain committed suicide, while his body was found 3 days later. 

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