Court Prevents Family From Burying Sherman Hemsley

An El Paso court prevents family from burying actor Sherman Hemsley until his will is not clarified. The body of the “All In The Family” star is now being kept in an El Paso refrigerator until the legal case is over, according to the Associated Press.

Sherman Hemsley’s lifeless body may be kept in a refrigerator for a long period of time because his will has been contested. The actor, who passed away on July 24 of lung cancer, left all his fortune to Flora Enchinton, a woman described as his “beloved partner” in the document. Hemsley’s brother, Richard Thornton from Philadelphia, claims the will is a forgery and that Flora Enchinton shouldn’t receive a dime from Sherman’s $50 000 estate.

The woman, on the other hand, told the press that she has known Sherman all her life. Moreover, she has worked as his manager during the past 20 years and lived with the actor and his friend, Kenny Johnston, for a long period of time. Enchinton accuses Richard Thornton of pretending to be related with the late actor in order to get his estate because Sherman never mentioned he had a brother.

The 56-year-old woman thinks people would do anything to get their hands on the late actor’s money. “Some people come out of the woodwork — they think Sherman, they think money,” Flora added. She rejected Thornton’s accusations by stating that she has stood by Sherman’s side even when the actor “came running from Los Angeles with not one penny, when there was nothing but struggle”.

Unlike Flora, who was immediately available for an interview with reporters at the Associated Press, Richard Thornton has not provided an official statement until now. Given the accusations that were made by both parties, the validity of the will is going to be established in court. No court date has been communicated for the moment, so relatives fear Sherman’s burial will be postponed for a long period of time.

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