Could you resist 99 Days without Facebook?

Could you resist 99 days without using Facebook? For many people, the idea of not using Facebook for more than 3 months is unacceptable. This social network has actually become an important part of everyday life. 

The idea of not using Facebook for 99 days comes with an interesting project. The group that organizes the 99 Days of Freedom came up with this idea after the experiment that Facebook conducted regarding people’s emotions and which was not very well received by many users of the famous social network. 

The group which started this project revealed that they are now conducting this experiment as “an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness.” Well, if you are interested in becoming part of this interesting project, you should know that all you need to do is to download the logo of the project. Immediately after that, the campaign has to start. 

This means that the participation in this study means enjoying 99 days without Facebook, with no likes, comments, no pictures and no statuses. Naturally, you should not use Facebook at all. 

It has already been revealed that no less than 7,500 people have joined the initiative of the Just agency, which started this project. The agency claims that the purpose of the study is to find out if the mood of Facebook users improves or alters during this period when they are not using the famous social network.

Facebook previously claimed that in average people spend about 17 minutes per day on Facebook. However, this seems to be quite a low figure, so Just agency claims that people spend in fact hours on the social network. And most likely, there are hundreds of people in the world who tend to spend many hours on the famous social network. 

Quitting Facebook and social media in general might seem extremely difficult for many people. Taking a 3 months break from Facebook might even be impossible for some. Still, maybe the project is worth getting the needed support, as it will surely be much interesting to find out if people are happier or not while using Facebook.

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