Could Tim Tebow Be Obama’s Future Political Opponent?

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post, Tim Tebow could be Obama’s political opponent in the future. The popular quarterback is considering a start in a political career because he is ready to embrace any avenue that will get him to make a difference.

NFL football player, Tim Tebow has agreed to release an interview for ESPN New York revealing his future career plans. Much to everyone’s surprise, the polarizing backup quarterback declared that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting involved in a political career. He further explained that becoming a politician would be a big step in his career, but he would do it, nevertheless, because he feels he can make a difference.

The declaration is reason enough to alert all U.S. politicians considering the large number of fans supporting Tim Tebow. However, the football player added that he won’t run for a campaign any time soon because he is not prepared to do it.

Several newspapers, including “The Hill” noticed that Tim’s recent declaration about a possible political career is much more firm than the previous ones. When David Feherty of Gold Channel asked him whether he plans to become a politician, the football player replied that he never considered it and was uncertain whether he would ever do it. He concluded that he might consider taking this road if he cares enough about it. Thus, Tebow has passed from “If it’s something I care about, possibly” to “it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider”.

The idea that the 25-year-old would make a great politician has been mentioned by people close to Tebow on various occasions. His former high school football coach, Craig Howard, told the press that Tim will most likely run for public office once he is done with football. Joshua Green has also noticed Tim’s ability to handle the New York media all by himself in his article “Why Tim Tebow Will Make A Great Politician”. According to Green, these qualities are all that Tebow needs to become a great politician and, possibly, a president.

Politicians, too, have indirectly acknowledged Tim’s success in politics. Rick Perry has declared himself the “Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses” and Obama publicly admitted that Tim is a “wonderful man”.

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  1. I thinl tebow should do it. Maby God would want you to do this. You did something for are world that touched many hert’s, You have values. The world believes and trusts you!

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