Could Macy’s Dump Trump For Online Petition?

Macy’s could be forced to dump Donald Trump if many more people sign the online petition asking the retailer to stop commercializing the real estate mogul’s products. Nearly 500,000 people have signed the petition, so far and their number could get even bigger in the following days, ABC News informs.

Donald Trump showed no signs of anxiety when he was first notified that people have created an online petition asking Macy’s to stop commercializing his products. His confidence diminished in the past days as the number of people signing the “Dump Trump” petition grew significantly. Although he expected millions of Twitter followers to offer him support, Trump was taken aback by the 500,000 signatures, some of them belonging to well-known celebrities.

Singer Cher was among the first celebrities to react against Trump’s comments. On Sunday, she posted a message on her Twitter account calling the real estate mogul a “racist cretin” wearing a “rug”. In her opinion, the American business man was only looking to get some “cheap press” through his comments and he managed to do it due to people’s attention. The singer was more worried, however, about the fact that Macy’s considers Trump the right man to represent them and their products. As a consequence, she was glad to see that 30-year-old lawyer Angelo Carusone decided to make an online petition against Donald.

Carusone told the press that he was particularly disturbed by one of Macy’s ads in which there is a reference to Trump’s comment claiming that Obama was not born in America. He believes most people who signed the petition were just as upset as he was to see that Macy’s would lower themselves to Trump’s negative remarks. It is unclear for the moment whether the giant retailer will eventually “dump Trump”, but Carusone is glad his petition gave lots of people the possibility to voice their grievance.

Donald Trump was quick to respond to Cher’s Twitter comment. He replied that he is not wearing a “rug” and ironically promised the singer not to say a word about the failed plastic surgeries she suffered in the past. He continued to stir people’s fury by writing on Tuesday that his fragrance “Success” is “flying off the shelves @Macys”.

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