Could Kanye West Suffer From The Kardashian Curse?

Kanye West could soon get the jitters and it’s not because of his imminent parenthood, but rather because of the Kardashian Curse that is said to affect the men in their lives. The reality TV stars have had negative impacts on their husbands and boyfriends’ lives due to their bad reputation, says Us Weekly. 

Days after Kim and Kanye announced that they are expecting their first child, Hollywood gossipers started making suppositions in relation to Kanye’s career evolution. Rumor has it that all the men who have dated or married one of the Kardashian sisters, have suffered a drop in their “N-Score”, that is, the algorithm assessing an athlete’s popularity. While there is no actual evidence proving the Kardashian Curse, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom have all experienced a “dramatic plunge in the public’s perception of them” after dating one of the three brunettes.

There is, however, a more logical explanation for these events, according to reporters at Us Weekly. In their opinion, the Kardashian sisters don’t have a good reputation in Hollywood due to the numerous scandals they have been involved in, including the sex-tape scandal that made Kim famous. It was not their awareness that caused the N-Score to drop, but rather their negative appeal.

The Kardashian sisters have always been regarded as controversial and most people disapprove of their lifestyles and their behavior. As a result, the three athletes have lost their credibility as soon as they became related in some way or another with the reality TV stars.

There are many chances for Kanye West’s career to experience a downfall, considering that he is about to tie the knot with Kim Kardashian. We should not forget, however, that the singer has managed to cause quite a few controversies on his own, long before he was involved in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. The rapper went on stage during the 2009 VMA Awards and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say that Beyoncé should have won the award because her video was better.

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