Corned Beef And Cabbage, Beer & Cheer All On St Patrick’s Day

If St. Patrick’s Day is a must at your home, then you must prepare the essentials ahead of time. Each year ahead of St. Patrick’s Day groceries line up traditional Irish foods, pubs bring their best beer and all those involved boost up their cheer to the max. So, to have a great St. Patrick’s Day remember three things: corned beef and cabbage, beer and cheer.

Let’s start with the most important part of the St. Patrick’s Day: the food. Traditional Irish foods are a big part of the holiday. And so is the preponderant color green of the dishes served. From the traditional St. Patrick’s Day delicious corned beef and cabbage recipe to the shaved red cabbage and steamed red potatoes to the lamb stew and the shepherd’s pie.

For the food to go in smoothly, it is a tradition on this day to accompany it with a good Guinness dark lager, a Black and Tan and obviously the popular green beer.

But a great St. Patrick’s Day is nothing without a parade. In New York City, the parade starts Saturday March 17 from Fifth Avenue to 44th Street up to the 79th. It will be the city’s 251st celebration of the day.

If you want to see the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade from a good spot then you’d better stay away from the crowds. The best viewing spots are north of 66th street and Fifth Avenue. To be more precise you should find yourself on the upper steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Las Vegas has a lot planned for people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. From parades to private parties and theme celebrations in pubs and clubs and restaurants to music festivals. Make a whole weekend out of it with literally countless St. Patrick’s Day parties.

With about half of all Americans planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, retailers are in for a treat. A survey from the National Retail Federation showed that 54 percent of all Americans will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t exactly an expensive holiday, the study expects Americans to spend on average $35 on Saturday.

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