Coptic Cleric Defends “Innocence of Muslims”

A controversial Coptic cleric known as Islam’s Public Enemy Nr. 1 has raised even more discontent among Arab people after defending the movie “Innocence of Muslims”. The Southern California Preacher, Zakaria Botros Henein, was reportedly linked to the three men who produced the anti-Islam movie as his views are very similar to the ones presented in the film.

Zakaria Botros Henein is a Coptic cleric who has a different opinion about the Muhammad prophet than the Arabs. The preacher has been named Islam’s Public Enemy Nr. 1 after describing Prophet Muhammad as a necrophile, a homosexual and a pedophile. His views seem to have been reproduced by the three men who created the anti-Islam movie, “Innocence of Muslims”; therefore, Henein is considered to be the man behind the movie.

Press representatives tried to reach Botros by telephone, but he was not available for comments. He, nevertheless, defended the movie during his show on Alfady TV, indirectly expressing his support for the film. Moreover, “Innocence of Muslims” was broadcast on Friday and Saturday during Botros’ show, so the media has many reasons to believe that the Coptic cleric has influenced the production of the movie in one way or another.

The Southern California preacher has defended the film in his show providing detailed analyses of some of the sequences included in the motion picture. He defended all the negative statements that have been made in relation to Muhammad and declared that the best way to look for redemption is to accept the truth.

The 77-year-old preacher criticized the Muslims’ reaction to the movie. In his opinion, it was wrong for Muslims to respond with violence as they have contributed to the negative image that Arabs have in the world. “This is what Islam is like: Islam of killing, Islam of terrorism, Islam of setting things on fire,” Botros added before reminding Muslims that it was America who freed them of Kadafi, so they should respond with “calm reason” to the accusations presented in the movie.

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