Controversial Mike Daisey Is Back In The Headlines

Many people associate Mike Daisey’s name with his one man show that ousted Apple’s labor practices overseas. A lot of people find Mike Daisey much too controversial and think his take on Apple and Foxconn labor policies might be a little bit exaggerated. “This American Life” has a similar view of Mike Daisey as it retracted his report concerning Apple’s overseas suppliers.

When it comes to Apple, most people look at this company as representative for the United States. When people like Mike Daisey come forward with a different not so beneficial take on the company and an inside scoop on how it makes money, they touch quite a sensitive cord. Although many have slashed out at Mike Daisey for his controversial shows, this time the weekly public radio program “This American Life” decided to retract his report concerning Apple’s overseas suppliers because the artist seems to added to the truth a little bit.

On Friday, Ira Glass, the host of the radio program “This American Life” said that Mike Daisey has lied about the details regarding some of the injured workers presented in his show. Daisey’s show was initially broadcasted earlier this year at the radio and chances were that Rob Schmitz heard it too.

Rob Schmitz works as a China correspondent for the radio program “Marketplace”. Listening to Mike Daisey’s point of view he noticed that some things weren’t exactly accurate. Together with “This American Life” they worked to see which parts of Daisey’s story weren’t true.

The result of their investigation is expected to be aired this weekend. “This American Life and American Public Media’s Marketplace will reveal that a story first broadcast in January on This American Life contained numerous fabrications” read a statement from the radio show.

To Mike Daisey’s defence, his 39 minute radio program was indeed based on his theatrical one man show called “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”. His reaction to the allegations coming from the radio program was obvious: “I stand by my work. My show is a theatrical piece whose goal is to create a human connection between our gorgeous devices and the brutal circumstances from which they emerge”.

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