Controversial Book Links Shroud Of Turin With Resurrection Of Christ

Now that Easter is putting in focus religion and Christianity rites, a new controversial book makes waves with a theory that might come as farfetched. The Shroud of Turin is one of the most intriguing mysteries linked to religion and it has baffled scientists over the years, despite intricate studies. A controversial book comes to link the Shroud of Turin with the resurrection of Christ.

The one that has agitated the spirits around Easter is named Thomas de Wesselow, an art historian with Cambridge. He has just released a new book on the Shroud of Turin, called “The Sign”. During 448 pages, de Wesselow makes his argument in favor of one of the less known theories linked to the Shroud of Turin.

For the Cambridge academic the Shroud mystery is “an intellectual puzzle” to which he just couldn’t resist, although “in academia, the subject of the Shroud is seen as toxic”.

The art historian is convinced the Shroud of Turin is in fact real, caused by the actual decomposition of Jesus. And all the stories of Christ’s resurrection have been in fact inspired by the negative image presented on the cloth. Good Friday events, he says, have been inspired from the Shroud: “You start with the flagellation, and that’s very clearly presented on the Shroud, with these very, very distinct marks of the flagrum”. The author goes on adding that in the Shroud can even be spotted the crown of thorns, the beating marks of Christ’s face.

He said: “The message really is that the Shroud of Turin is authentic. This is the only rational way of understanding this message. It can be understood entirely naturalistically”.

But de Wesselow’s theory has been seriously put under scrutiny. Firstly because “The Sign” seems to be just one other book in the numerous ones dedicated to the shroud lore that takes advantage of the Easter season for marketing purposes.

Other scholars committed to the mystery have had dramatic reviews. Joe Nickell, senior researcher at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, said: “He’s clearly not a doubting Thomas. He’s come up with some rather silly ideas, and then as people often do, he’s fallen in love with them”.

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  1. I think its time for the church to come up with a new kind of hoax. This one has been dated to the middle ages by 4 independent labs around the world.

  2. You are a coward. The piece from the middle ages was added after a fire as a patch. The most brilliant scientists including a Jewish one cannot find any media that is known to man that created the image. That is because it was not created by man. It was the same energy that He used to create the universe. Christ is the source of all life, He has power over it. That energy like a radiation came from within Christ resurrected his body and created the image as well.

  3. @some internet dude

    All 4 labs were from the same sample, same test. Even many of the scientists themselves now acknowldge that the dating is probably wrong due to a incorrect/contaminated sample. It’s amusing to me that even thought there is plenty of other mystery about the Shroud, such as the pure and utter lack of any scientific reason on how the image got there in the first place, people are fixated on a potentially invalid carbon-14 test obtained with equipment and technology that is now about 30 years old.

    And the I don’t the domposition theory. Did Jesus’ body decompose in 3 days?

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