Consumers Baffled By Windows 8 Preview

Just a week away from Microsoft’s big release, consumers were downright baffled by the first Windows 8 preview. According to the Associated Press, the new software program could be too advanced for regular PC users to decipher its mechanisms.

After taunting its customers with brief presentations of the new Windows 8 system for months, Microsoft has decided to release a preview of the new software just a week away from the official launching. The feedback they obtained was very different than what developers were hoping.

Microsoft is making a radical change in its company with the introduction of the new program. Windows 8 was created to meet the needs of smartphone and tablet users. Its features were meant to standardize the utilization of PCs, smartphones, phones and tablets, but those who have taken a look at the preview claim the software is too difficult to be used by nonprofessionals.

One of the first men who tested the software was Tony Roos, an American missionary in Paris who installed a free preview of Windows 8 on his old laptop. He was expecting Microsoft’s new program to make its device run faster and smoother, but he was disappointed to see he could not understand the software even after using it for several weeks.  In fact, the new system constrained him to give up almost all he knew about Windows and to take special lessons so he could be able to use its laptop once again. 

Roos told the press that it was very difficult to get used with the new software. He doesn’t think it was his fault as his two daughters who are 8 and, respectively, 10 had the same problems, too. The two girls never got used to the new program and preferred to use their mom’s computer, instead, because it has an older version of Windows.

Analysts fear Microsoft could be building a fire under itself with the launching of Windows 8. The system is very different, so customers may be tempted to use other software programs for their devices. The official release of Windows 8 will take place on October 26 and it will become a standardized option for all PCs that will be sold from that day onward.

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