Construction Worker Impaled At WTC Tower

The construction works at the World Trade Center Memorial Towers have been momentarily ceased as one of the construction workers was impaled on Wednesday. According to CBS, the 37-year-old man fell about six feet and landed on a two-inch thick piece of metal.

The World Trade Center Memorial Towers were supposed to commemorate the loss of thousands of lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the massive construction has caused several other people to get severely injured as it happened to an unidentified worker who was impaled on Wednesday.

According to the declarations of his colleagues, the 37-year-old victim lost his balance and fell for almost six feet when he hit a piece of metal. The two-inch piece of rebar got stuck in the left side of his body and the man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital. As shocking as the accident was, doctors reassured everyone that the victim’s health condition was stabilized, so the construction worker is expected to recover very soon.

Japanese Fumihiko Maki’s firm is responsible for the creation of the impressive design. The Memorial Towers will become the greatest buildings in New York, but there is still a lot of work to be done until they will be fully functional. The workers installed the last steel beam on the building, on Monday; however, architect claim that the interior of the tower will be finished by the fall of 2013.

There have been other similar accidents, as well. The New York post reported on Wednesday that the worker’s incident was followed by a shower of shattered glass that fell from the 54th floor of the building. Reports show that the second accident took place when a crane lifted a 24-ton steel truss. The crane tilted and most of the windows on the 54th floor were broken.

In February, a large quantity of steel dropped from the crane. The heavy load fell 40 stories until it finally landed on a flatbed truck. Despite this, no injuries were reported after the incident.

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