Confessed Serial Killer Commits Suicide In Alaska Jail

A serial killer named Israel Keyes, who confessed that he kidnapped and killed an Anchorage teenager, committed suicide in an Alaska jail. Authorities have stated that the man was found dead in his cell on Sunday, the Associated Press reports.

Samantha Koenig, 18, was declared missing in February after she was last seen at an espresso stand in Anchorage. Traces led police officers to Israel Keyes, who eventually confessed that he had abducted and killed the student.

This was not the only murder that the serial killer committed. According to his declarations, he also killed a couple in Vermont, Bill and Lorraine Currier, whose lifeless bodies were found in June 2011. Five more unidentified people were killed by Keyes, but the serial killer refused to provide any details in relation to their names or their locations.

Keyes had been interrogated for dozens of hours as authorities were trying to solve the mystery of Koenig’s disappearance. They were surprised to find out that the murderer was actually a serial killer with a large list of victims.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Feldis held a press conference as soon as the interrogation was over. He told reporters that four victims had been buried in Washington State, whereas one was in New York, based on Keyes’ statement. He further added that police will continue the investigation in order to trace the other bodies that might have been disposed in various states. Israel was also involved in two bank robberies in Texas.

Judges were unable to prosecute the killer as he was found dead in his jail cell on Sunday. Officers are inclined to think that the man committed suicide because he was alone in his cell and there were no signs of foul play. They will, nevertheless, subject the body to a coroner’s investigation to determine the exact cause of the Israel Keyes’ death.

34-year-old Keyes was a self-employed carpenter. He had served in the Army and was later on stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State. In 2007, he bought a house and moved to Anchorage, but police say the killer also had a property in New York City.

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