Conan O’Brien renting his studio for 1 dollar a night

TV show host Conan O’Brien  posted an announcement on Airbnb about renting his TV studio in Burbank, California, for only 1 dollar a night, Yahoo! News reports. The place is available from October 11 to October 13.

What is the value of one dollar these days? The majority of Americans may say you cannot do much with a dollar, but some of them may just appreciate it enough to find ways to invest it in a smart way. So what can you do with one dollar today? You can save it when buying merchandise with coupons; you can get a pretzel from vendors near Central Park. You can buy almost anything from a yard sale; or you can rent Conan O’Brien’s TV studio in California for one night.  Awesome, huh?

The TV star has put his studio to rent for a couple of nights. The announcement was put on Airbnb and it includes all the information one needs to decide if the price paid per renting is right. The accommodation is 25,000 square feet wide (about 2323 square meters). It includes eight bathrooms, one bedroom (which is actually the room where the guests in the show are invited). When it comes to the furniture, well… All it has is the couch that celebrities have sat on throughout the time (the list of butts supported includes Angelina Jolie’s and Barack Obama’s).

In the announcement, the place is described as “cozy and charming” and a “great for families (children 16+) looking to relax”. Conan’s studio “includes use of 40 ton industrial air conditioning system, 25 LCD television monitors (no HBO), and fully stocked kitchenette with intern”, but the shower “must be shared with the house band.”  Among other information, those renting should now there are not pets allowed, no smoking allowed, no gym and no heating. It does have a doorman, however.

Who will it be rented to and what for? That remains to be seen! Until then, take a look at the place, maybe it inspires you on one dollar opportunities.


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