Conan O’Brien Introduces The iPad Mini Mega

Conan O’Brien dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s with the recent sketch he produced as an introduction of the new iPad Mini Mega. The American television host gave the floor to Apple’s senior director, Andrew Grissom, to present the revolutionary tablet, says the Inquisitr.

People are constantly bombarded with new technological devices that are being launched each month. It was about time someone said something about this trend and luckily comedian Conan O’Brien found just the right way to do it. The “Conan” TV show host announced the introduction of a new Apple tablet, that is, the iPad Mini Mega. He then added that the latest revolutionary tablet comes just a few weeks after Apple’s most recent launching of the iPad Mini.

Comedian Andrew Grissom played the part of Apple’s senior director and agreed to make the introductions for iPad Mini Mega. He begins by reminding everyone that the smartphone maker has included everything that people love about the iPad in a smaller package, thus, creating the iPad Mini. iPad Mini Mega, however, combines the sleekness of the smaller device with a larger display (8.8 inches) making it the “perfect blend of the iPad and the iPad Mini”.

Since the iPad Mini Mega was not enough, the team working for Apple decided to surprise its customers by creating a new device: the iPad Mini Mega Micro as a “revolutionary mix of other revolutionary things” having an 8.4-inch display. Developers soon came with another “brilliant” idea and they thus created the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max, but they realized it was just as big as the 8.8-inch display iPad Mini Mega.

Grissom ends his presentation with the introduction of iPad Monstro which has a 112-inch display and “it barely fits in a door”. He concludes by saying that Apple has “a rich array of barely different options” because they’re “drunk with power”. 

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