Comedian Katt Williams Gets Arrested In Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) – Comedian Katt Williams was arrested in Seattle after he got involved in a bar dispute and attacked several unknown people on the street. The hotel managers ordered him to leave on Monday evening in order to avoid future disputes.

Katt Williams is making headlines after acting strangely during one of his performances in Seattle. The stand-up comedian was arrested because he got involved in a bar dispute on Sunday evening. He was released the following day, but the actor continued to cause troubles.

According to onlookers, Katt Williams became violent on Sunday evening when one of the customers of the bar refused to act according to his wishes. The manager of the place tried to calm things down by asking Williams to leave, but it was all to no avail. The comedian responded by threatening the manager with a pool cue. Police officers had to intervene in order to get the actor out of the World Sports Grille because he refused to leave the bar.

Witnesses claim the patron and the manager at the bar were not the only ones who had been bullied by Williams. He also flicked a cigarette butt into a woman’s face from his window car and destroyed a vehicle by throwing cars at it.

Police officer had a hard time controlling Williams. They had to struggle with him in order to get him inside the car. Williams was put to jail for one night being charged with harassment, assault and obstruction.

When he was released on Monday morning, the actor got involved in another fight with the staff at the Courtyard Marriott hotel he was staying. The manager of the hotel called the police and requested the actor to leave his room on Monday evening. None of the parties involved in the argument declared anything about the brawl.

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