Comedian Gallagher Hospitalized After Suffering Heart Attack

CNN informs that comedian Gallagher was hospitalized on Thursday after suffering a heart attack. The actor was preparing to perform at a club in Texas when he suddenly began to experience pain and discomfort in his chest. An ambulance was immediately called and Gallagher was taken to the nearest hospital in Dallas.

The 65-year-old comedian, who is famous for smashing watermelons during his shows, was at a bar in Texas waiting to go on stage and perform. Just when there were a few seconds left before his number, Gallagher told the manager of the bar that he was not feeling very well. According to his spokesperson, the comic was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where he received medical care.

Doctors claim the actor suffered a mild to serious heart attack which is why he needs to take up a healthier regime. His rep further stated that Gallagher, whose real name is Leo Anthony Gallagher will remain in the Dallas hospital for the following days until doctors will determine that his state is stable.

The current heart attack is worrisome because Gallagher suffered similar health problems in the past. Last year, he was hospitalized after suffering a mild heart attack on stage during a performance in Minnesota. As a result, the medical staff is worried that his health condition might worsen in the future.

Christine Scherrer, his promotional manager, told reporters that the comedian is surrounded by his family and friends. The Hat Tricks club in Texas has offered all the support that the performer needed to get over this difficult period.

According to Scherrer, the comedian was supposed to perform in Woodlands and El Paso, Texas, but these shows have been cancelled. It remains to be seen what will happen with the following shows that Gallagher was supposed to perform throughout the rest of the year. He has performances scheduled in Hinton, Ok and Bend, as well as Portland in Oregon. As a matter of fact, Gallagher was booked for the rest of the year, but his promotional manager was not able to tell whether he will continue to act or take a long vacation.

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