Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads To Raise Awareness for Leukemia

It’s nice to see a team really supportive of each other. Colts cheerleaders shaved their heads to raise awareness for leukemia and show support for the team’s coach Chuck Pagano.

During the weekend’s game Colts – Buffalo Bills, Megan M., cheerleader at the Colts joined others who decided to show support for coach Chuck Pagano in a more unusual way. During the game, Colts’ cheerleader had her head shaved by the team’s mascot, Blue. Crystal Ann joined Megan M. in raising more than $22,000 for leukemia research by choosing to lose their hair.

NFL’s Indiana Colts’ coach Chuck Pagano has been battling leukemia for the most part of the season. He had to take time away from the team to undergo leukemia treatments that lead to him losing his hair. The Colts’ players have shown their support too by shaving their heads after Pagano paid them a visit in the locker room and were shocked to see how much his appearance has changed.

Cheerleaders now have joined a cause and helped raise $22,000 for leukemia research funding. It was the team’s mascot, Blue, who asked the team’s cheerleaders if they’re willing to lose their hair for leukemia research. #OperationShaveMegansHead was on then fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann decided to help raise money.

“It’s about to go down Colts fans! Thank you for all of your support and may god bless all those affected by Cancer” tweeted Megan. “I’ve just had personal experiences with people who have had cancer” she later told Daniel Miller on 24-Hour News. “I’ve had mentors and family members and volunteer at Riley and met little girls who have lost their hair and heat cancer multiple times” she explained. “Just seeing struggles they went through and how they could overcome that and still have confidence and fight this fight without their hair – they are really my inspiration for doing this”.

Fans were impressed with the team’s cheerleaders losing their hair for a good cause. “Lots o you tweeting that the Colts Cheerleaders are ‘still hot’ without hair… I contend they’ve never been nor looked ‘hotter’” tweeted Dan Dakich. “Mad respect for the two cheerleaders that shaved their hair off for cancer during the colts bills game #respect” wrote Alex Sexton.

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