Colorado Springs Makes One Victim

A recent report published by the Associated Press announces that the devastating Colorado Springs wildfire made one victim. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed this week and authorities are trying to find out whether other people have been injured, as well.

The Colorado Springs blaze was declared the most ravaging of all time as many properties have been destroyed and people have been injured. One person was found dead and another one was reported missing on Thursday, but police officers fear the number of victims doesn’t stop here.

Police Chief Pete Carey told reporters that 346 homes were destroyed by the fast advancing flames. Although the majority of the local residents fled the area, some persons were still reported missing. After careful analyses, authorities managed to find the lifeless body of one of the missing individuals in a burning house. The other persons are still missing and police are looking for them.

The evacuated people hope their homes are still standing, even though the aerial photos prove that almost all the buildings have been turned into ashes. The cooler weather that is specific for the foothills of Colorado Springs could slow down the flames and enable authorities to put an end to the fire.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach announced that the losses amount to $3.2 million. Fortunately, the 346 homes that have been destroyed can be changed. It is not just the fire that troubles people, but also the acts of burglary. Two people have been arrested by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as they were trying to steal things from an evacuated home. The two burglars, Belinda Yates and Shane Garrett, were accused of second-degree burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

The powerful wildfire has drawn the attention of the President Barack Obama. He declared the whole situation a “major disaster” on Thursday and enabled federal funding in Colorado Springs’ El Paso County and Larimer County. Obama will visit the fire-stricken regions on Friday and will do his best to comfort victims who have been sheltered in Red Cross centers.

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