Colorado Mall Shooting Makes 14 Victims

Police reports that 14 victims were killed during the Colorado mall shooting that took place on Thursday evening. According to Reuters, customers were taken by surprise by the gunfire that was opened at the Aurora Theater injuring more than 50 people.

It was late on Thursday night when an unidentified person opened fire at the Aurora Theater in a suburb in Denver, Colorado. By the time people realized what was going on more than 50 persons were injured and 14 of them were killed.

Records show that the first police calls were made around 12:30 a.m. on Friday morning by several individuals who were watching “The Dark Knight Rises” at the theater. Police officers are currently investigating the area to determine the amount of fatalities and damages that were registered. They told the press that the scene is still very active, so they could not gather enough information to make a press release. Nevertheless, they could confirm that 14 people were found dead by the time they released the interview.

Authorities have arrested a man who is considered responsible for the Colorado mall shooting, but the investigation will determine whether he is guilty or not. Very few witnesses could speak about the event. Hayden Miller, for instance, spoke with reporters at KUSA-TV and stated that he was in Theater 16 when shots started. At first he thought it was a scene from a movie that was displayed in a different theater, but he assumed it was a true attack when he saw the people around him rushing towards the exit.

Two persons who were in critical condition were immediately transported to the nearest hospital, that is, the Swedish Medical Center. Spokeswoman Nicole Williams declared that emergency crews announced the hospital to get prepared for many more victims as somebody had opened fire at the “Dark Knight” movie.

The theater where the attack took place is located in the vicinity of Denver. Aurora is about 10 miles southeast of downtown.

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