Color Change Facebook app Can Infect your Device

A new malicious app has affected Facebook users. The Color Change app has actually easily managed to compromise thousands of profiles. Reports reveal that over 10,000 people have been infected so far. This include Facebook users from all over the world. 

The new app is well-known under the name of Facebook color changer. The app promises users to change the color of users’ profiles. Of course, there is a link provided to users, which promises to direct them to the app. However, when users click it, they will be redirected to a malicious phishing site. 

According to some analysts, the reason why this app managed to affect so many people is actually linked to a vulnerability they found in Facebook’s app page. Cheetah Mobile analyzed the way the new virus works. According to them, the hackers ask users to first click on a link and then watch a tutorial to discover how the app works. 

When users watch this video, hackers gain access to the user’s Facebook friends, stealing the user’s Facebook access tokens. However, in case users don’t want to watch the video, hackers offer them the possibility to download a malicious application, which will naturally help them be able to gain access to their accounts. Moreover, Android users may see a message that tells than that their system has been infected and they should install antivirus with the purpose to protect their phone. 

Such malicious apps turn out affecting so many people because Facebook users simply want to see how certain changes would look on their profiles or they are curious who check out at their personal pages. Facebook does not allow users to find out who viewed their profile and it does not offer features when it comes to changing colors and design. 

Users who have been infected by the malware are advised to change their password immediately and remove the color changer app from their account. They may also use an antimalware scanning software to make sure that their device is free of all threats. Specialists also advise users to be careful what they access and what they install on their accounts. 

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