Coheed and Cambria bassist arrested for robbery

Rocker Michael Todd, the bassist from the band Coheed and Cambria, was arrested for robbery on Sunday. He was charged with robbing a pharmacy in Attleboro just a few hours before the band started a show. Apparently, he was in urgent need of painkillers, Fox News reports. 

On Sunday evening, the Attleboro police arrested bassist Michael Todd after he robbed a pharmacy earlier in the day. According to the police reports, the musician entered the Walgreen’s pharmacy around 1 p.m. He had a text message written on his mobile phone which was intended to be read by the pharmacist. The text said that he had a bomb upon him. The pharmacist gave him 6 bottles of Oxycontin as specified in the message. After that, Todd quickly fled into a taxi and headed to the place where the concert was to take place. Coheed and Cambria had to play in the opening of the Soundgarden at the Comcast Center in Mansfield.

The Attleboro police officers arrived at the place of the show just before it began and took Michael Todd into custody. He is being charged with robbing a pharmacy and will be arraigned on Monday in the Attleboro District Court, as scheduled.

Coheed and Cambria went on playing without him. The band stated that it will continue the tour. The bassist will be replaced by Wes Styles.

Coheed and cambria was formed in 1995. the American rock band comes from New York and plays a series of sounds from progressive rock to punk rock, metal and post-hardcore. Michael Todd, also known as Mic Todd is 30 years old. The bassist joined the group since its beginnings. Just one year after the forming of the band, Todd, who until then played the guitar, joined as a bassist. But then he  left it in 2006 due to some personal issues, which included heroin addiction. He joined the band again in April 2007 after being in rehab.

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