Coca-Cola Introduces Dasani Drops

Coca Cola plans to introduce a new drink, Dasani Drops, which is totally different from their previous products. As the name says it, consumers will only need a few drops of the new Coca Cola juice to add flavor to their water, Huffington Post reports.

World’s number one beverage company has announced the launching of a new line of drinks called Dasani Drops. The liquid will not be sold in a bottle or a can as Coca Cola has accustomed us until now, but in a small colorful container. According to the press release, the new juice is going to help consumers add flavor to their water by squeezing just a few drops.

The Dasani Drops collection will be launched in early October and the company thinks it will be a hit. There are only four types of fruity flavors, such as, Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut and Mixed Berry. Coca Cola spokespersons have announced that the company will introduce other flavors next year. The price of the bottle will be around $4 dollars, a relatively small cost considering that the small container could be used for 32 servings.

Unlike the rest of the beverages commercialized by the Coca Cola Company, Dasani Drops will be an all-natural product. There will be no sweeteners or calories added in the fruity-flavored drops, so people can consume them without worrying about their figure. In addition, the bottles are so small that they can be easily carried in purses or pockets.

Several other companies have launched similar products on the market and their strategy turned out to be a success. Kraft Food Inc. was the first to introduce the flavored drops MiO in March last year determining many other companies to do the same after seeing that their revenue doubled in the first half of the year.

John Roddey, vice-president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business in North America, stated that flavored water could be the next best sold product. However, Dasani Drops could affect other products of the beverage company, such as, the enhanced water, Vitaminwater Zero.

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  1. i hope you know your drops will be the highest priced ones of all walmart has the great vaue brand for $ 2.78 and mio water is$3.78 savelot has thier brand for $2.78 and so does the family dollar i buy the cheaper brand please lowe your price i would love to try th pineapple coconut one how about a root beer one thanks linda

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