CNN Cancels Piers Morgan Live

CNN just confirmed some bad news for Piers Morgan and his show. It seems that the network has decided to cancel Piers Morgan Live

According to CNN, the television show will be canceled as early as next month. Even though the news was not expected, there is no shock in the fact that CNN will cancel Piers Morgan Live. The show which aired for 3 years has failed to draw the audience figures that CNN hoped for. 

Piers Morgan came to replace Larry King, but he never managed to equal his success. This is why CNN will end the show as early as next month. The statement was made by CNN on Sunday. However, even though the host of the show will no longer be seen on Piers Morgan Live, it seems that he hopes that his collaboration with CNN will not end here. 

Morgan may be in talks with CNN to receive a new project. Actually, Morgan’s contract with the network ends only in September. CNN has not yet revealed exactly when the final show will air. However, it is expected for that to happen in March. 

Piers Morgan has become well known thanks to his job at the Daily Mirror. However, he was involved in a huge scandal while working for the tabloid newspaper, for publishing some fake photos of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. 

Piers Morgan gained even more fame in his role as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and then on America’s Got Talent. Morgan was also a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, a show which actually brought him many fans. 

Analysts claim that one of the reasons why Morgan failed to become successful in his role as a television show host is actually given by his view on gun control measures, following the Sandy Hook massacre. His criticism on this subject has actually made thousands of people angry. 

The whole story got huge proportions, as people even signed a petition for Piers Morgan to be deported back in the UK. Moreover, the scandal became even bigger when a group of Brits created their own petition asking for Morgan to not be allowed to come back to their country. 

Piers Morgan might also be in a scandal linked to the British phone-hacking case in which he was called to make a statement. However, CNN said that this had nothing to do with their recent decision.

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