Cloud Services – Will They Stand The Test Of Time?

Cloud services have gained a lot of territory lately as many more companies release products that are meant to function with web-based applications. As is the case with most changes, users are highly reluctant when it comes to replacing their desktop programs with online ones. PC World has written a list of the most common arguments that are brought into discussion when analysts have to determine whether cloud services will stand the test of time or not.

Web-based programs have been available to users for a long time, but very few people have actually given up desktop apps in favor of the former. The slow performance that cloud services have had during regular activities, have caused people to postpone the switch for an indefinite period of time. The simple activity of copy-pasting fragments in web-based files requires at least one second for the text to become visible; therefore, creating documents in online programs can take a lot more than they normally do with desktop apps. Moreover, the Internet connection can play a decisive role in the amount of time we spend while writing online documents.

Cloud services were meant to increase users’ comfort, but some useful features have not been added to online programs making it very difficult for people to fulfill their daily tasks. The web-based version of Microsoft Excel, for instance, has been devoid of Macros and Pivot Table, according to users’ complaints.

Slow performance and lacking features are not the only problems that owners of the online Microsoft Office have encountered, so far. Based on their declarations, the documents that are created with cloud apps are rarely compatible with the numerous programs that people use on their desktop. Thus, additional efforts are required to correctly save the documents we create using online programs; otherwise, the receiver will not be able to visualize the document.

On top of that, relevant data may be lost or copied by ill-intentioned individuals, as a result of security flaws. Protecting your online documents is no longer your responsibility as the cloud vendor has to take care of this aspect; however, past episodes have proven that cloud services are highly vulnerable to hackers’ attacks.

Given these circumstances, it is too early to determine the success of Web-based applications. For the moment, analysts estimate that these programs will continue to function in parallel with the more reliable desktop programs.


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