Clippers Sign Griffin To 5-Year Extension

The Los Angeles Clippers announced on Tuesday afternoon that the All-star forward Blake Griffin has signed a 5-year extension with the team. The basketball player will receive up to $95 million, based on the provisions of the contract.

The news that Blake Griffin is going to play for the Los Angeles Clippers for another five more years was communicated on Tuesday afternoon by the manager of the team. Griffin will not be able to leave the team until the fourth year, but the fact that the contract could be worth $95 million is reason enough for him to continue to play for the Clippers until 2018. $7.2 million could enter his bank account next season.

The basketball player was quick to spread the news, too. He wrote on his Twitter account that he was glad the Clippers wanted to keep him for the following five years. After expressing his eagerness to play for the team, Griffin concluded by thanking everyone who supported him on his career path. His colleague, Chris Paul also took to the Twitterverse to respond to Griffin’s post. His message was short, yet very expressive: “Yessirrrrr CONGRATS BG!!!”

Blake’s performance during last season was full of accomplishments. The basketball payer averaged 20.7 points, 10.9 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 66 games. Thanks to him, the Clippers managed to score a 40-26 record, the first winning season and playoff berth they registered since 2005-2006. During the first round they beat Memphis, but were defeated by San Antonio in the conference semifinals.

Griffin is very busy at present; he is training with the Olympic team in Las Vegas in order to take part at the London Summer Olympics which is due to start on July 27th. The team is very confident about their performance at the Summer Games as they think they will bring some medals home.

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