Clippers score victory in overtime

The Los Angeles Clippers scored one of their greatest victories during the overtime of the Wednesday game, says Reuters. The competition ended with 95-89 score in favor of the Clippers, thus showing everyone that the Los Angeles team is able to compete against the best of the NBA. 

Chris Paul had a terrific performance; he recorded 27 points and 11 assists to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Despite the efforts that the Miami Heat players have made, Chris Paul was invincible and managed to gather the winning points in the overtime.

Paul addressed a few words to reporters who were waiting for him after the game. He told everyone that the Clippers have many reasons to celebrate because the team they defeated was a good one. He further added that the recent victory brings him and his colleagues the momentum they need for the upcoming games. Chris Paul is the most recent acquisition to Los Angeles. His arrival in the off-season helped the team turn into contenders.

The Miami Heat only needed one point in the extra session to win the game. By then, the scoreboard was showing 90-89 in favor of Los Angeles, but the overtime brought Clippers the chance to add five more points and win the game.

James finished the game with 23 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists. Wade, on the other hand, managed to add 17 points in favor of his team. Both players did their best to find their shooting touch. In the end, James made just 7-of-19 shots, along with 9-of-17 free throws. The mistake that enabled Los Angeles to win the game was the fact that Miami failed to make a field goal in the final seven minutes of the fourth quarter.

James stated that he likes to put a lot of free throws on him. The tactics he uses: “I need to concentrate a little more at the free throw line and knock them down and we’ll be fine,” added James.

Los Angeles also got help from Blake Griffin and Caron Butler who scored 20 points. Despite their recent victory, the Clippers still need to exceed their city rivals, the Lakers in the Pacific division.

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