Clint Eastwood Supports Gay Marriage

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Clint Eastwood declared that he supports gay marriage. The actor claims the government should be preoccupied with other pungent problems affecting the society and not with same-sex marriages.

Ellen DeGeneres invited actor Clint Eastwood to take part in her Wednesday night show. The spaghetti western star discussed the issue of gay marriage with the American comedienne and reached the conclusion that it’s not the government’s business who people marry.

The politician reminded everyone that embracing the libertarian doctrine presupposes to let everyone alone. In his opinion, discussing gay marriage at a time when unemployment rates are growing and prosperity is at its lowest levels is wrong. Politicians should not waste their time thinking about what gay marriage is about, but rather to find solutions to the current problems that U. S. citizens are facing.

This is not the first time when Clint Eastwood expresses his belief about same-sex marriage. In 2011, he told GQ magazine he doesn’t care about who wants to get married with anybody else and he doesn’t understand why other people get so worried about this subject.

Clint also rejected the spiritual argument that most gay-marriage opponents mention when it comes to prohibiting these relationships. Giving people a chance to live a happy life the way they want to is much more important for Eastwood than any other pro and against gay-marriage debate.

Speaking about marriage, Ellen DeGeneres asked Clint a few questions about his daughter’s boyfriend, Tyler Shields. The photographer artist and his partner, Francesca Eastwood drew everyone’s attention when they set a $100,000 bag on fire and posted the photos on the Internet. The images triggered a lot of controversy from people claiming that the two are wasting money because they never worked for it. Clint, however, didn’t seem to be bothered by the recent scandal that his daughter was involved in. In fact, he told Ellen that Tyler is the kind of guy that every man would want for his daughter. The comedienne concluded that only Tyler can pass by a man like Clint.

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