Clinic Treating Joan Rivers Made Several Errors

It has been revealed that the clinic that treated Joan Rivers actually made numerous errors, which unfortunately led to the death of the famous comedian. These were the conclusions revealed by a federal report released on Monday. 

According to this report, the clinic that treated Joan Rivers actually made a series of mistakes before the star died. Moreover, it has been reported that the surgeon of the star even went to take a selfie with the famous comedian, while she was under sedation. The report did not reveal the name of the doctors involved in this case.

Naturally, Joan’s daughter, Melissa, was outraged by these revelations. Melissa claimed on Tuesday that the results of the federal investigation conducted on this case made her realize that the clinic where the star underwent her routine surgery did more mistakes than imagined. The famous comedian died at the age of 81. Joan Rivers passed away on September 4. 

It all started with a routine procedure that the star underwent at the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic, in New York City. Days after this procedure, the investigation began to find out what really happened in this case. Well, the results of these investigation are quite shocking. It reached to the conclusion that the clinic failed to respond to the comedian’s waning vital signs, but they also failed to record her weight before sedating her. This means that they could not precisely establish the amount of sedative she should be administrated. Moreover, the facility conducted a procedure on the star that was not authorized by Joan Rivers. 

Following these revelations, Melissa Rivers claimed that she will make sure that other patients will not be in a similar situation as her mom, in this clinic. The clinic already claimed that all the physicians who were involved in the procedure no longer work at the clinic. Yorkville Endoscopy has time until January 7 to make sure that all issues found in the clinic will be corrected, otherwise they can actually lose their accreditation and the clinic will have to be shut down.

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