Cliff Robertson dies at 88

Actor Cliff Robertson, one of the most popular faces on the big screen in the 50s, dies at 88 years old, only one day after his birthday.  Read below to find out more on the Oscar-winning actor’s death and his legacy.

Associated Press reported on September 11, that actor Cliff Robertson passed away at 88 years old. His death occurred only one day after the actor had turned 88. According to his secretary of 53 years, Evelyn Christel, he died of natural causes.

Despite the fact that Robertson was not in the top preferences of the movie producers for leading roles, he won an Oscar for the part in the movie “Charly”, where he impersonated a mentally disabled man, who is given an innovative treatment that turns him into a genius.

The actor is probably best known for playing John F. Kennedy in “PT-109”. Originally, even though he was perfect for the role, his hair wasn’t. It was parted on the opposite side as the president’s, so he had to “train” his lock to part on the other side. This was only a small part of the problems the movie had to deal with. The more serious ones included change of the script, bad weather and the switch of directors. Despite the criticism brought to the movie, Robertson’s work was admired.

What made the actor gain attention off the screen were his marriage and a Hollywood scandal that would turn him into a hero of justice, but ban him from the film business for almost four years.

Cliff Robertson was married to Dina Merill, the heiress of E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post. At the time, she was considered one of the richest women in the world. This was his second marriage, after the one with Cynthia Stone, from whom he separated in 1960. He also divorced  Merrill in 1989. He had one daughter with each of his wives. His younger daughter, Heather, passed away of cancer in 2007.

In 1977, Robertson discovered that the president of Columbia Pictures, David Begelman, had forged his signature on a check of 10,000 dollars. With all the risks, he informed the police. Begelman was taken into custody and charged with embezzlement. He spent some time behind bars but returned in show business. However, in 1995 he took his own life. 

Cliff Robertson will be buried on Friday in East Hampton. The actor is survived by his daughter Stephanie, 53.

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