Cleveland Hit Hard By Snow Storm, Schools Closing & Flights Canceled

For some time now, the worst part of the cold season comes after the New Years Eve and Christmas. In Cleveland, the snow storm has begun on Sunday night, but in less than one day it resulted in schools closing and flights canceled. Cleveland was hit hard by this snow storm.

The snow storm that hit Cleveland, Ohio, is said to be one of the worst during this winter season. Besides the common aspects of a snow storm, heavy winds and a lot of snow, this one features a powerful and dangerous aspect. It is referred to by specialists as the lake-effect snow storm, which is known for producing high winds and very cold temperatures.

The storm is expected to last through Tuesday too. In fact, the winter storm warning remains in effect until 4 p.m. today for most of Cleveland. But, the good news is that the intensity of the storm is now reducing.

Jim Kosarik, meteorologist at the National Weather Service at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, explains: “The worst is definitely over. The Monday snow was widespread, but today it will be much more localized”. Basically, Kosarik adds, “unless you’re under a heavy snow band – and we’re still getting some of those off the lake – you should be OK, unless you’re town hasn’t done snow removal yet”.

Local snowfall totals as of midmorning include 11.2 inches at Canadohta Lake, 3.2 inches in Meadville, 5 inches at Colt Station, 4 inches in North East, 3 inches in Waterford and 1.4 inches at the Erie International Airport, according to the National Weather Service in Cleveland.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport estimates that about 100 flights were cancelled Monday, with many others delayed.

In school districts Corry Area and Millcreek Township schools were closed yesterday. Erie Day School and St. Paul Preschool also canceled classes, while Wattsburg School District transportation was out for the day on account of the bad weather conditions.

On Tuesday, the following schools will start with a 2 hour delay:  Albert Gallatin School District, Allegheny-Clarion School District, Hillcrest Christian Academy, Laurel Highlands School District, United School District and a few others. But Garrett County MD Public Schools remain closed and so does the Good Hope Christian Pre-School.

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