Citroën C4 2011

In Citroën are like: the little steps are not short in their strings. At the word “evolution” preferred “Revolution”, both from a stylistic point of view as the technical. There is thus little wonder that the new C4, which we see here in the first official shots and then you can see live at the Paris Motor Show in the fall, does not even seem distant descendant of the current one.
The line does not go out that much anyway and it seems the right sow by the intersection between the shapes of the small C3 and C5 those of spinning. In its body are therefore present the distinctive features of the latest Citroen, from the chrome mustache that give momentum to crest to reach the lights form prepared via the double ridge that rises on the hood. Everything is developed around a silhouette with two volumes harmonious proportions and measures just grown in the past. Length and width are respectively at 433 and 179 cm, with increases in the order of 5 and 2 cm. Other distinguishing marks are the ribs which mark the upper and side sills that give the collection a sporty look.
The white glove inside the heads of the House promised a five-star environment, on the same wavelength than the C5. The details are announced, very comfortable and the budget should give a hand to create a pleasant environment, with car accessories worthy of a higher category. The most striking example is the possibility of having seats with electric lumbar support and massage function. Among other gadgets qualifying there are also an outlet 230, bi-xenon headlights, fog lamps with turning mode and a stereo surround type.
There are also monitoring the angle of the claimant and died inadvertent lane change, marked by a quiver of the seat and a slight hardening of the steering. Another novelty is the eTouch, a system of emergency call and location that gives a lot ‘more security in case of accident or illness. The technology is not only the service of security but also of the new C4. The machine has Michelin tires with low rolling resistance and a Stop & Start system last generation even microhybrid defined and linked to the HDi diesel. Just engines represent the link with the current model but compositional range there will be more news when it will come the time of submission.

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