Cissy Houston To Write The Real Story Of Whitney Houston

When it comes to Whitney Houston the overall take is that delivered by the media. Over the past few years, the focus switched from her career to her drug abuse and before that her ongoing romance with Bobby Brown. Her mom, Cissy Houston wants to write the real story of Whitney Houston and set things straight.

As usual, the public tends to remember celebrities that passed away for the bad things in their lives rather than the good ones. Sure, everybody knows that Whitney Houston had a great voice and was an amazing talent, but apart from that the news about her drug abuse are still fresh.

Cissy Houston, the singer’s mom, decided to tell the real story of Whitney Houston. She closed a deal with HarperCollins for a Whitney Houston biography set to appear in February 2013. The singer’s memoirs are said to be tell an “unabridged and unbelievable story”.

“When I lost my daughter Nippy, the world lost one of the most beautiful voices and an extraordinarily beautiful and charitable woman” says Cissy Houston. “In sharing our story in this book, I hope to give her fans something to treasure, the way we all treasured Whitney…I hope reading this book will provide a deeper understanding into my daughter’s true story” added Cissy Houston.

The singer’s mother also added that she will try to be candid, honest and respectful about Whitney’s life, even when it comes to writing about her drug abuse and marriage to Bobby Brown.

The publisher’s statement reads that Cissy Houston will address “Whitney’s brightest and darkest moments while helping fans around the world understand the complexities of this extraordinary star who died much too soon”.

So, using the words of HarperCollins, expect a Whitney Houston biography that “will go behind the headlines to show the true, human side of this strong successful yet complicated musical icon”. It will capture “the dramatic depths and soaring range of an extraordinary woman, along with the pain and heartbreak of a grieving mother as she struggles with impossible loss”.

Last month, Cissy Houston revamped her music career. She released her first gospel tunes in over ten years. Harlem Records released her album called “Walk on By Faith”.

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