Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks

A new policy was adopted after U.S. pediatricians have come to the conclusion that circumcision benefits outweigh any potential risks. The practice, inspired by religious communities such as Jews and Muslims, reduces the chances of getting infested with HIV and developing other sexually spread diseases, says the Associated Press.

The practice of circumcising newborn boys has been debated for a long time among pediatricians as some recommend it, while others don’t. The Western societies even went so far as to claim that the practice of circumcision should be considered genital mutilation and, therefore, prohibited by law because it could cause various health problems. American pediatricians, however, performed various researches and reached the conclusion that the benefits of circumcision overweigh any potential risks.

Since circumcision is no longer seen as a bad procedure by American pediatricians, a new policy was adopted last week. The document claims that the medical practice shouldn’t be prohibited, but neither imposed; parents should decide what is best for their children knowing that advantages and disadvantages come with every decision they make.

Freedman, a pediatric urologist in Los Angeles explained the media why the decline of circumcision is not necessarily a good thing. By removing the foreskin at the top of the penis, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted disease including HIV are highly diminished. In addition, newborn boys are no longer prone to developing urinary tract infections and penis cancer as they grow older.

One of the main aspects that prevent parents from performing this procedure on their newborn babies is the pain that usually accompanies circumcision. An injection that numbs the area is enough to make the procedure less painful, so parents don’t have to worry about their children’s well-being.

Nevertheless, scientists continue to bring arguments against the practice of circumcision. Psychologist Ronald Goldman does not agree with the new policy because the document does not address the psychological implications that the procedure could have on circumcised people. In his opinion, loss of sexual satisfaction and psychological traumas are just as few of the negative consequences that circumcisions could have on males.  

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