Church Of Scientology Auditioned For Tom Cruise’s Wife

Vanity Fair brings back into focus the Church of Scientology and its alleged connection in finding Tom Cruise a wife. The October issue reads that the Church of Scientology auditioned women to become Tom Cruise’s wife.

Earlier this summer, when Katie Holmes suddenly filed for divorce, everybody was baffled. There were almost no signs their perfect marriage was heading to such an abrupt end, but some sources said the Church of Scientology played a huge part. A new report from Vanity Fair reads that the Church of Scientology went so far into finding Tom Cruise a wife that they held auditions.

According to special correspondent Maureen Orth for Vanity Fair, back in 2004 the Church of Scientology was working on a pretty unusual project. Shelly Miscavige, the wife of the current chief of the Church of Scientology, was left in charge with auditioning women for becoming Tom Cruise’s next girlfriend and why not even wife.

Sources say the Church of Scientology put together an elaborate hoax that had women auditioning thought it was all for a new training film. However, some of the questions referred to Tom Cruise.

Marc Headley, former head of the in-house Scientologist studio, explains: “It’s not like you only have to please your husband – you have to toe the line for Scientology”. And “you can’t do anything to displease Scientology, because Tom Cruise will freak out” he adds in the October’s issue of Vanity Fair.

Nazanin Boniadi successfully passed the Scientology audition and dated Tom Cruise for about three months. Boniadi, a Scientologist herself, was apparently told she was given a very important mission that involved a “month-long preparation”. According to Orth, during that month high-ranked Scientologist asked her everything about her life, including her sex life. The actress was even asked to sign two confidentiality agreements, one pertaining particularly to Tom Cruise.

But the bliss didn’t last long. In January 2005, Boniadi was excoriated by the actor for insulting the chief of Scientology David Miscavige. Still it wasn’t like Tom Cruise called it quits himself. Boniadi was asked to move from Tom Cruise’s house into the Scientology Celebrity Centre. Orth’s sources said that Tom Cruise wanted “someone with her own power – like Nicole”.

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