Christoph Waltz to Play Villain in New Bond Movie

It has been reported that Christoph Waltz might star in the new James Bond movie. Apparently, the famous actor is the choice of producers for the role of the main villain. However, the news has not been confirmed yet, but it would surely be exciting to see Waltz in this role. 

The Django Unchained star is said to have already singed for the role in Bond 24. If the news is true, Waltz will opposite Daniel Craig in the upcoming James Bond movie. Filming for the new movie is set to start early next month, so the cast has to be 100 percent completed. The Daily Mail reported that Waltz’s character will be extremely complex, although it is yet unclear the exact role he will have. 

In fact, various rumors are contradicting each other regarding the character that Waltz will play. So, if some sources claim that he will get the main villain role, others reveal that Waltz will actually play a friend’s part. “Not so fast . . . just because he has played bad guys in other movies doesn’t mean he’s going to be the baddie here,” a source said. 

The Daily Mail reported that producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have already met with the actor. The cast is said to also include Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris. Well, producers surely managed to keep the secret on the cast, but not only. The name of the new movie has not been revealed yet, either. 

This is the latest instalment in the highly famous spy film franchise. Filming is set to start soon, so we will immediately find out who will play this role. 

Meanwhile, Christoph Waltz surely enjoys success with the new Horrible Bosses 2. Moreover, the star is set to appear in Tarzan. The famous Hollywood actor remains well-known for his unique role in Inglourious Basterds. In this movie, Christoph Waltz starred as Nazi Colonel Hans Landa. Without a doubt, his performance was memorable, so if he will get the villain part in James Bond, it will be no shock in this decision. 

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