Christine Quinn denies Rumors That She’s Going to Leave Netflix

Making sure the record is clear. There are ongoing disputes regarding Christine Quinn and her Selling Sunset co-stars, Christine Quinn is clapping to defend herself against accusations that she’s not been as involved in the Netflix show because of.

“I’m SOOOOO tired of addressing this,” the Netflix celebrity was 32 on the 22nd of October, Friday in response to the continuing speculation. “I have been in every single episode of seasons four and five of selling the sunset. The girls deliberately remove me from pictures. I’m a real person with a lot to complete other than use my phone to demonstrate constantly that I’m recording an upcoming TV show. You’ll be seeing me.”

Quinn also shared a short video of herself inside her Oppenheim Group office, where she reiterated her position in the video, stating, “I am in every single episode of the show.” In the video, Quinn showed her coworkers sitting in a section of their office while she stood out.

The How to Be a Boss Bitch author also wrote in a different Friday tweet “I’m surrounded by a bunch of Benedict Arnold’s.”

Sell the Sunset's Christine Quinn Calls Out Costars for excluding her and denies Rumors That She's Going to Leave Netflix the streaming service.
Christine Quinn Courtesy of Christine Quinn/Twitter

The reality television star made her video to respond to several messages from her fans who said they were fed up with having her realtors continually exclusion her. Quinn even responded to one Twitter user’s message in a way that seemed to reference her co-stars: “Hoes ain’t loyal.”

In a separate message “I swear to you that I will be attending all the same events as they are. I do what I do and return to see my children. You don’t need a picture to show anything, lol.”

Quinn tweeted her dirty tweets on the day of her wedding with Heather Rae Young, who is her costar with Tarek El Moussa. the majority of their co-stars attended.

One time in the Saturday, celebrations on October 23 Chrishell Stausse yelled “Woo! Mr. and Mrs. El Moussa,” while dancing with the bride’s age of 34, the 40-year old bridesmaids, Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim.

Fitzgerald, 39, for her part, shared a panoramic video of the evening sky onto her Instagram Story, writing, “Beautiful night for the wedding of @therealtarekelmoussa and @heatherraeyoung [four diamond ring emojis].”

Many members of Oppenheim Group agents frequently share posts on social media that show each other during filming or formal gatherings, the observant viewers were quick to point out Quinn’s absence amid the ongoing drama that is usually filmed for the Netflix show.

The newlyweds had already spoken about their previous friendship relationship back in September.

“Christine and I have not had a close friendship for over a year now,” Young exclusively said to DailyGossip in the past. “We felicitate each other on occasions or send several nice texts between us. I’ve visited her several times at work in the past, and between the lines. However, as far as friendshipgoes, it’s not happening right now.”

The bride-to-be also said, “I’m very close with all of the girls, and there’s never any animosity. I have no bad will towards her. I’m very happy that she is expecting a child and her incredible husband Christian Richard], as well as her gorgeous family. So , I’m just hoping for all the best for her. I’d like to be happy and that’s all. I’m just trying to be a team player and not be negative.”

Quinn has also enjoyed an uneasy relationship with Stause 40, which stems from a tension-filled season 1 confrontation following a standoff in which Quinn claimed that the soap’s former star had been faked and “shady.”

“I don’t think it’s a secret, you know, we’re not friends,” the Kentucky native said to Us on June 20, 2021. “But I think the goal is to be able to be coworkers.”

Then, a few months ago in March, the Texas native had revealed in March that they “mainly have a professional relationship” and attempt to remain respectful when they’re both working in their Los Angeles office at the at the same in the same office.

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